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NAME   The name of the organisation shall be The Skelton Village Trust (The Trust).


STATUS    The Skelton Village Trust is a not for profit organisation, but not a registered charity. The Trust is managed by an Executive Committee (the Committee) elected by the membership annually.



AIMS The aims of The Trust are:  


 .  To stimulate interest in, and care for, the appearance, history and character of the village and its surroundings,

    by the residents of Skelton.


 .  To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of village features and areas of historical interest.


 .  To facilitate social events within the village by encouraging interest in the aims and activities of The Trust.

These will be achieved by the following:


 .  At committee meetings, monitoring and reviewing Planning Applications in Skelton, and promoting the


   standards of architecture and design outlined in the Village Design Statement.


 .  Arranging projects each year which will improve and enhance the village.


 .  Holding three speaker evenings per year on topics of local and regional interest.


 .  Organising exhibitions and activities on appropriate topics as required.



MEMBERSHIP     Membership is open to all who are interested in the aims of The Trust. Membership will lapse if the subscription is unpaid 6 months after it is due, subject to a written reminder having been sent.

SUBSCRIPTIONS   The annual subscription amount will be recommended by the Committee to the Annual General Meeting for its endorsement, if there is to be a change. The subscription year runs from January 1st.


MEETINGS   An Annual General Meeting shall be held in or about May each year to receive the Chairman’s report on behalf of the

Committee, the audited accounts for the previous calendar year, and to elect Officers and Members of the Committee. The Committee shall decide  the programme of events and communicate it to members.

Special General Meetings of The Trust shall be held at the written request of twelve or more members. Twelve members personally present shall constitute a quorum for such a meeting.


OFFICERS   Nominations for the election of Officers shall be made at  least a week before the Annual General Meeting to the Secretary in writing, supported by a seconder and with the consent of the nominee. Officers, elected before further Committee members, shall be:


Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist (the last can be ex-officio)


All of whom shall relinquish their office every year and be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting


COMMITTEE  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and not more than six further members. Further members may be co-opted in an advisory, non-voting capacity.


Nominations for election to the Executive Committee, in writing, seconded, and agreed by the nominee shall be made to the Secretary or Chairman at least a week before the Annual General Meeting. A person may be re-elected three times and again after a minimum lapse of one year.


If nominations for Officers and Committee members are fewer than the the eleven maximum permitted, then serving members may be offered continuance for an agreed period.


The Committee shall be responsible for running the affairs of The Trust and for taking decisions on its behalf. A quorum for meetings shall be four members.


FUNDRAISING  The Committee shall have power to raise funds for carrying out the objectives aims of The Trust, for example by staging events and inviting donations.


EXPENSES OF ADMINISTRATION   The Committee shall, out of monies received by The Trust, pay all proper expenses of administration and management and apply remaining funds as it sees fit in support of its activities.


INVESTMENT All monies at any time belonging to The Trust, and not required for foreseeable expenditure, shall be placed on interest earning deposit as determined by the Committee.


AMENDMENTS  The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members present at an Annual or Special General Meeting, provided that at least a week’s notice of proposed changes has been communicated to all members and that those changes are in support of the aims of The Trust.


WINDING-UP  In the event of the winding-up of The Trust any residual funds remaining after all financial commitments have been met shall, at the sole discretion of the Committee, be transferred to one or more charitable/not for profit bodies which exist for the benefit of residents of Skelton.





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