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4th April 2019


Skelton Village Trust

DRAFT MINUTES  AGM  held on 4th April 2019 at 7.30pm in Skelton Village Hall


PRESENT: The Officers and Committee Members of the Trust, together with members and visitors.


1. Opening Remarks

The Chairman, Philip Butler, welcomed some 70 people to the 50th AGM of the Skelton Village Trust, notice of which was sent or delivered to all members and advertised on village noticeboards.


2. Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 5th April were available at the AGM as well as being emailed or delivered to all members, and were also posted on the SVT website.

It was AGREED the Minutes were an accurate and true record and that they be signed by the Chairman.


3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


4. Chairman’s Report


As usual we held three speaker evenings on a variety of subjects. Following last year’s AGM, a previous speaker Gillian Waters took us back to England at the time of the Roman invasion with her story of Queen Cartimandua and the Kingdom of the Brigantes.


Our autumn speaker was sculptor and artist Peter Naylor who told the remarkable and moving story of the creation and installation of the RAF 158 squadron memorial at Lissett near the east coast.


In February Buff Reid from York Civic Trust told us about the lives and achievements of some of the many people celebrated by the blue plaques found throughout the city.


Once again we are occasioned to wonder whether the high attendances at these occasions is due to the standard of speakers or the standard of the buffet supper. Most probably a combination of both.


Moving to committee activities and first of all planning. The York Local Plan has now reached the stage where the two government appointed inspectors will hold public sessions to examine the proposals and take representations. As we have reported previously we have had two major concerns. The first is to ensure there is sufficient green field space between Skelton and the proposed 1300 house development off Wigginton Rd called Clifton Gate and that vehicles from the development will not have direct access to Moorlands Road. The latest plans do provide some assurances in both regards. Access to the site will be via one road to be constructed north east from the Tesco roundabout and another proposed leading off Wigginton Road.


The second has been our view – shared by many – that the northern ring road should be dualled before the planned 5000 houses are built on various sites along it. The plans to enlarge the roundabouts along the road with a view to future dualling are a step in this direction.


Much of our time and effort has been occupied by meetings and representations regarding the Del Monte development now in progress across the A19. As you know our principal concern has been and remains safe crossing facilities between the site and the existing village, avoiding the real risk of the development becoming a separate enclave. There has been extensive correspondence, a face to face meeting, and addresses to the city Planning Committee, all in conjunction with our Parish Council and actively supported by our Ward Councillor

Chris Steward.


All this has met with no success in the face of opposition to our views from the planning officers even though our views were shared by several members of the planning committee. So as I speak there will be no signalled pedestrian crossing.


The works to the A19, installing a long central island and removing the Fairfield Drive acceleration/deceleration lanes, will start on April 29th. Following pressure from ourselves and the Parish Council we have been advised that there will be extensive publicity beforehand so that Skelton residents are forearmed for the significant disruption that awaits us.


Your committee has monitored individual planning applications in the village – chiefly but not solely in the Conservation area - and commented when felt necessary. One particular objection we registered was to the plethora of fixed signs installed without permission in the A19 verge outside the Riverside Farm pub – now removed.


To more positive matters:


As most of you know we marked our 50th anniversary by staging a most successful summer exhibition along with other village organisations here in the village hall. We coincided the event with the school gala day and displayed childrens competition entries. It was a particular pleasure to welcome the founder of the Trust Henry Stapleton who returned to Skelton for the occasion.  


We have of course carried out our annual activity of bulb planting around the village and our Christmas tree overlooking The Green was once again adjudged the best ever – although when it fell over one very windy night we did begin to wonder.


Saving the best ‘til last I am asked to remind some of you that subs for 2019 have been due since January and that Ian Hutchinson our treasurer will be delighted to relieve you of your money at the still amazingly low price of £5 per household or £3 per individual. Donations are of course always welcome. And if you don’t happen to be a member now’s your chance.




5. Treasurer’s Report

The account for calendar year 2018 was included in the AGM Calling Notice, showing a credit balance of £1168.58 as at December 31st last. The accounts were approved and Ian Drake was thanked for auditing the accounts once again.


6. Executive Committee 2019/2020

The Chairman recorded his thanks to the officers of the Trust – to Chris Holland vice chairman, Ian Hutchinson treasurer and Anne Dransfield minutes secretary - for their valued support over the last year and to them and their committee colleagues for their work on the wide range of the Trust’s activities. Anne Dransfield had left the committee due to moving out of Skelton and best wishes were accorded to her and her family in their new home.


There were no new volunteers to join the committee


Other than the post of minutes secretary which remained unfilled – volunteers were welcomed – the officers and remaining committee members were willing to stand again and the Chair asked the meeting to confirm their



Chairman: Philip Butler, Vice-Chairman: Chris Holland, Treasurer: Ian Hutchinson. Committee: Kate Grandfield, John Goodsir, Michael Watkins, Janis Perry, Derek Jackson, Diane Thornton ex-officio.


7. Any other business

There was no other business raised and the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50 pm.