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Skelton Village Trust Newsletter Autumn 2009


Dear Member

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter distributed by hand or email to members of the Trust.


It is pleasing to report that our membership stands at a record level, which is not only gratifying to your committee but also a mark of the interest being taken in the safeguarding of those features which makes Skelton so special to us. Thank you for your continuing support


It’s also worth reminding ourselves that Skelton is appreciated by many others besides its residents. We get comments on our website from time to time and here is an extract from an email that arrived in late summer:


My family and I recently visited York for a holiday, and we visited Skelton a couple of times during our stay.  We thought it was a beautiful village oozing with history, especially the St Giles' Church.


The Village Design Statement which was published and circulated in early summer has provided us with a permanent record of Skelton’s special features and has emphasised the importance of safeguarding them for future generations.


Philip Butler



 Committee Membership

Can I encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Village Trust committee?


An organisation such as ours depends on regular supplies of new blood, bringing with it fresh ideas and different perspectives. We are eleven in number, including officers, and committee members generally serve for three years. We meet about six times a year, our discussions are lively and we carry out a programme of activities – as described in this Newsletter – throughout the year. Whilst committee members arrange and undertake these activities, none is particularly time consuming.


If you feel you would like to contribute to the well being of Skelton, then here is one way of so doing.


The next committee will be confirmed at our AGM in May 2010. If you are interested please feel free to contact me, or any committee member, by phone or email. Our contact details are to be found at the end of this Newsletter.


How about including the idea in your New Year Resolutions?

So……..what have we been up to since the last Newsletter?


Trees and Bulb Planting

In addition to our annual autumnal bulb planting morning, we have this year donated a supply of bulbs to the Friends of Skelton Pond, and also to the Primary School to encourage the children to do some planting of their own. New Trees have been planted around the village with substantial metal tree guards .


Public Footpaths

In early November we walked the Public Right of Way from Moorlands to Shipton and return. These annual walks are undertaken to confirm that the Right of Way exists and that it is in reasonable condition. Although set amongst countryside Skelton has very few public footpaths, so it is important to look after them.


Village Design Statement

This widely praised booklet was distributed to every household in Skelton in the early summer. The Steering Committee which produced it comprised representatives of several village organisations (including the Village Trust) and contributions/suggestions were made by many individuals. It represents a true community effort and will serve that community well in helping to guide future developments.  



The Trust is looking for a new archivist. We would like to make more of this village record and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in taking on the role.  

Next summer we are planning to hold a Saturday event in the School to display some of the items which we hold in the archive. We would like feedback on holding such an event.


Speaker Evening

On October 27th we attracted a full house for our first speaker evening of the season. Ian Dewhirst, returning for the second occasion, gave his usual mesmeric performance as he recalled ‘Life in the 50s’


Looking Ahead:  

Wednesday 24 February Speaker and Social Evening

 Wednesday 12 May  AGM  


Our speaker is a prominent Skelton resident well known to many of us. Ian Drake’s subject is 'The Evelyn Collection, a pictorial archive of York.'


Dr Evelyn lived in York in the early decades of the last century and, amongst his other interests, amassed a collection of 3000 large glass slides which he used to illustrate his lectures on York’s historical heritage. A fascinating evening is in prospect, accompanied by a cheese and wine supper. Tickets will be available from committee members and the village shop in early February at £5 each. Book yours now!

 Following the business of the AGM there will be a talk and displays on aspects of  Skelton history, including extracts from some of the recently recorded oral histories. More details in due course



The Trust is in discussion with the Parish Council regarding our proposal to carry out significant improvement works to the hedge and ground areas at the western edge of Orchard Field, where it borders Orchard View. The views of local residents are being sought. Your views are welcome.


Committee Members 2009/2010






























7 Aug 2009 - VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - (Please Click)









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